So you want to know me better? For starters, I’m 5 cat years old, but in human years that’s 37! Yikes! I’ve spent all 5 years with my two humans who have been together since before my time. Yeah, they’re old. In cat years they’d be 128! Let that sink in. Now, I haven’t always been with them. I spent between 3-4 weeks out in the streets. A little too young to remember what happened at that time. But I do remember the day I arrived at my furever home. On September 2017 Dali (my human peasant) found me at the Walmart parking lot and took me in.  I had tons of fleas on me, so naturally, the human girl gave me my first bath ever. How terrifying! So picture this. I’m at a stranger’s home who owns a big fluffy cat named Snowbell and TAKING A BATH. I immediately cried for help and the human girl seemed unbothered. The big fluffy guy seemed unbothered too. Is this normal? She continues to dunk me in water and starts picking at the fleas I had like monkeys do. A few minutes later she’s drying me and starts taking pictures of me. That was the second time on the same day that I had pictures taken. Little did I know it was the beginning of a never-ending “picture” journey. I’m a cat model, so if that didn’t make sense I sure hope it does now. I didn’t live for long in this home as the humans were house hunting to move in together. They eventually found a home and we 3 moved in together. I missed my old house for a few weeks, especially the fluffy boy and grandma, but I eventually warmed up to the new place and now love it. This is where my new career would start. My human bought a taco truck and made a video of me snatching her money while ordering. Within minutes our 3rd video became viral on TikTok and the rest is history. I now make videos of my work life. I’m a bartender on Fridays, Dj on Saturdays, a taco maker on Tuesdays, and a Model all days of the week. None of this would have been possible if not for you. Thanks for being a follower! You’re pawesome.
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